Best Airlines for Foreign and Domestic

Avoid holidays

If you choose to travel during a legal holiday or extended weekend, you will be paying more for your hotel and airline tickets. With so many people off from work, it only stands to reason that the travel industry makes money. To find the best bargain airfares or hotel deals, stay home and choose another date on the calendar.


Benefits of Traveling by Americas Railroad

From the earliest days when Cornelius Vanderbilt began his railroad empire, his vision made a significant impact on American life. Before the advent of railroads, traveling long distance was difficult and time consuming. Once the first railroads began cross the country, their future in the U.S. was firmly embedded.


5 Jobs That Let You Travel for Free

For those who enjoy traveling, spending long days at the office is the last thing you want to be doing. However, there are traveling jobs that you can pursue to browse different areas of the world on a whim. To help get you started, check out the top five jobs that let you travel for free below!

ESL Teacher

Being an ESL teacher is a great way to travel the world for free while working at the same time. Although job opportunities vary per country, it usually only requires a bachelor’s degree in the field you want to teach, including a TESL certification. However, Vietnam, China, Thailand, and Japan are the most popular spot for ESL teachers due to the variety of culture. Central and South America are also high ESL teaching areas but can be tougher to get an acceptable visa to travel and teach. But not to worry, there are plenty of other opportunities across Europe!


Best Sites to Find Travel Deals

The ability to travel is one of life's pleasures. Just being able to see the world provides innumerable benefits to one's health emotional well-being. For many people, simply getting away from home for a weekend is enough to give them a renewed sense of energy and purpose.


Most Creative Ways to Save Money for Travelling

There are many great reasons to travel frequently. Many people go on vacation to unwind leaving them feeling refreshed when they return to the daily grind. Traveling aboard can be very educational as you learn about different cultures. Many people find that they are happiest when traveling, and they find that they remain happier when they return. Yet, many people are challenged with paying for travel. Therefore, consider these creative solutions for saving money to travel.