Most Creative Ways to Save Money for Travelling

There are many great reasons to travel frequently. Many people go on vacation to unwind leaving them feeling refreshed when they return to the daily grind. Traveling aboard can be very educational as you learn about different cultures. Many people find that they are happiest when traveling, and they find that they remain happier when they return. Yet, many people are challenged with paying for travel. Therefore, consider these creative solutions for saving money to travel.

Throw Potluck Parties

Everyone loves to unwind at a party, but the cost of these parties can add up very quickly when you host them. Instead of buying all the drinks and food yourself, invite everyone to bring along their favorite dishes. Your friends will love sharing their recipes so much that they will be less tempted to want to eat out each time the group gets together. Take the money that you would have spent on food for the party or eating out and designate it for traveling.

Host a Clothing Swap Party

Look through your friend list and find five or six people that are about the same size as you. Invite them to bring four to six items to your house for a clothing swap. Everyone ends up with new clothes that they love while no one spends any money. In order to make it even more fun, take the money that you would normally have spent and put it in a savings account set aside for travel.

Use Public Transportation

Many people are amazed that they can get to their workplace almost as quickly on public transportation as they can driving. Even if it takes a little longer, think about all the money you can save for travel when you do not have a car payment, parking fees, insurance and traffic tickets to pay each month. An added perk is that you will meet many interesting people on public transportation helping you learn to get along better with different cultures when you travel.

Watch YouTube

Cut the cable bill by watching shows on YouTube. There are many wonderful shows available with the number of people watching YouTube increasing almost 100 percent every year. If you cannot find enough to watch on YouTube, then check out the public library. Most offer free movies and tons of books to read. Be sure to add the money that you spend on your cable bill each month to your designated savings account for travel.

Host a Change Rolling Party

Throughout the year, pay for everything with dollar bills. Do not use your debit or credit cards. When the cashier hands you back coins for your change, then drop them in a jar. Once or twice a year, encourage everyone who might travel with you to come over to your house or apartment for a change rolling party. Alternatively, some banking institutions will roll change for free.

Count to 10

Make a list before you go shopping each time. If you are tempted to add something to the list while you are at the store, then stop and count slowly to 10. Use this time to consider if this is a wise purchase right now when you are saving money for traveling. Most times, you will leave the temptation in the store.

There are many creative ways to save money so that you can travel. While it may be difficult to get started, you will love getting to travel more once you get started. Choose one of these ideas today.