Best Airlines for Foreign and Domestic

Most people look to save money whenever possible. They know that wise consumers are more likely to find deals and bargains. One of the 5 ways to make money fast is to eliminate extra spending when it’s time to travel. This is true of both business and personal travel agendas.

Avoid holidays

If you choose to travel during a legal holiday or extended weekend, you will be paying more for your hotel and airline tickets. With so many people off from work, it only stands to reason that the travel industry makes money. To find the best bargain airfares or hotel deals, stay home and choose another date on the calendar.

Move your summer vacation to another season

If the only two weeks you have off falls during the months of July and August, there may not be much you can do. Not every employer allows their employees to take two weeks off any time they want. However if you are set on visiting Europe or another overseas locale, seriously consider taking your vacation during the cold weather months.

Choose the right airline

Clearly there is no shortage of foreign and domestic airlines from which to choose. If you truly want to find the best airlines for foreign and domestic service, it definitely pays to do your homework. The first place to get information is always through “word of mouth.”

As you’re probably aware, friends and relatives will let you know right away if they’ve had a bad experience. They will also give everyone they know a full account through email or social media. However be sure to take into consideration, that their personal experiences may be very different than your own.

Online reviews**

Several websites do offer airline reviews that cover everything from how comfortable the seats were in Coach, to what type of wine was served for those fortunate enough to sit in First Class. Again, be aware that some of these reviews may either be overly fawning or exceed the bounds of negativity.

Non-stop and direct flights

First and foremost, research whether the airline with the lowest fare even goes to your chosen destination. Then ascertain whether they fly non-stop flights. If you have to change planes, these should be in a direct route as well. This saves time and allows you to travel more efficiently.

Location, location, location

Most travelers cheat themselves by only looking to book their flight from one major airport to another. Alternative airports often offer a great deal of savings, as they are smaller and have fewer amenities. In addition, they may be located farther away from major cities and closer to suburban areas.

Take the time to calculate if a departure or arrival at an alternative airport will save you money. It is likely to require more time on the road or via another form of ground transportation. If you are renting a car or plan to spend time in an outer suburb anyhow, you may benefit in a number of ways.

Website deals

The best airline deals are usually announced online. Take a moment to sign up for information on each airline’s website. You can request updates sent to your email and via text message. Then move fast and purchase your tickets when deals and “fare wars” begin.