Benefits of Traveling by Americas Railroad

Traveling by Americas Railroad

From the earliest days when Cornelius Vanderbilt began his railroad empire, his vision made a significant impact on American life. Before the advent of railroads, traveling long distance was difficult and time consuming. Once the first railroads began cross the country, their future in the U.S. was firmly embedded.

There are two types of railroad travelers today. In the northeast, for example, travel by railroad is a necessity for business people. The other type of railroad travel is for leisurely pleasure and enjoyment of tours and vacations.

The Benefits of Traveling by Americas Railroads

Most Americans who rely heavily on train travel for business enjoy several benefits. They are assured of transportation in inclement weather that often makes airline, auto or bus travel impossible.

Americans who prefer cross country railroad travel find the best benefit is lower costs than airline travel. Another benefit is the ability to travel without numerous connections as with airline and bus travel. In most cases, a traveler can board a train nearest their hometown and travel as far as their planned itinerary designates.

For example, a traveler in New York City can board a train headed for Glacier Park in Montana with only one change of trains. Other benefits include:

  • Leisurely sightseeing tours
  • Comfortable amenities like dining and sleeping arrangements
  • Roomy accommodations
  • Safer travel on dedicated tracks
  • More environmentally and energy efficient
  • Room for more luggage without added fees

Other Benefits for Train Travel by Americas Railroad

Business people love the ability to board a train, catch up on their reading or start their work aboard the train before they arrive at their offices.

When it comes to taking a vacation via Americas Railroad, this is always a special treat that brings with it lasting memories. Passengers aboard a train have the opportunity to enjoy the sights as they travel to their desired destination.

Accommodations aboard trains are spacious and types of accommodations include:

  • Family bedroom for two adults and two children
  • Bedroom Suite for up to four persons
  • Roomette for two persons
  • An accessible bedroom that sleeps two adults

In terms of dining, there is the traditional long distance dining car, a lounge and a cafe car. Most menus offered suit the needs of those with special diets, as well as menus that are prepared by professional chefs and served by trained wait staff.

When it comes to long distance railroad travel and pets, it depends on the specific railroad chosen for travel. In most cases, pets are allowed for a small fee. However, check the railroad routes before boarding to learn if pets are allowed.

Safer Travel on Dedicated Tracks

According to the National Association of Railroad Passengers, commuter rail is more energy efficient than cars and airline travel. Since railroads traverse only on dedicated tracks, the other benefit is safety due to well organized railroad schedules. For travelers, this means no delays as with airlines and no traffic congestion on heavily trafficked roads by cars and buses.

Environmentally Sound Travel

When passengers choose railroad travel, they choose a more environmentally sound means of transportation. Today's railroads are more energy efficient and contribute less pollution than other forms of transportation.

Room for More Luggage

The cost to travel with luggage aboard buses and airlines has risen rapidly. The benefit of traveling by Americas railroad is plenty of room for more luggage without added fees.